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Philip C. Cheng

Avionics Design Lead / Certified Principle Engineer, 2018+

- Avionics Vehicle Lead and CPE — Design, test, and verification of reentry test vehicles / components
- Electromagnetic Test Lead - Test plan and procedure development, equipment design, and test preparation
- NRS2 Design Lead — Development Lead for an ultrasonic sensor for measuring atmospheric material effects
- MBE Lead — Responsible for model-based engineering design tool integration and digital transformation

- Engineering Material Review Board (EMRB) Certified
- Control Account Manager (CAM) Certified

Embedded Software Dev Project Lead / Developer, 2016-2017

- Coordinated team of ten software developers, guidance navigation & control (GNC) engineers, and testers
- Delivered three major flight software releases to meet strict avionics hardware integration test deadlines
- Developed software interfaces for tightly coupled IMU / GPS navigation, integrating new GPS hardware
- Implemented continuous integration unit testing in GitLab to streamline software production and test
- Developed telemetry decommutation software (C / Python / Matlab) and performed integration tests
- Implemented multiple selectable telemetry data formats for improved overall bandwidth utilization
- Troubleshot and corrected hardware / software integration test issues

Subcontracts Manager / Certified Principle Engineer, 2010-2015

- Coordinated team of five GNC engineers, subcontracts, and quality assurance
- Managed programs for avionics production, test, support, and post-flight data analysis
- Managed hardware production and ran technical meetings, data reviews, and design reviews
- Worked directly with customer on requirements / interfaces for a next-gen hardware development
- Led several root cause analysis efforts on test anomalies, enabling hardware improvements

Engineering Leadership Development Program, 2007-2010

Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO)

- Completed communication systems special test equipment (STE) design and RF link budgets
- Coordinated specifications and trade studies with potential suppliers to meet system requirements

Business Development / IRAD

- Developed a Risk / Opportunity Management Plan (ROMP) to support a laser comm satellite proposal
- Integrated several systems engineering tools into a single automated system

FPGA Design and Verification Engineer

- Developed a NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) FPGA, using System Verilog / Verilog HDL
- Created FPGA detailed design requirements, interface documentation, and verification plans

Communication Systems Design Engineer, 2005-2007

- Performed modeling / simulation of a satellite global comms system, using Matlab and C++.NET
- Developed 3G channel selection algorithms used to demonstrate system capacity for design reviews
- Developed several tools for analysis and data evaluation of simulation output


- M.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (2010)
- B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California Berkeley (2004)
- Space Systems Design / Technical Development Curriculum, Santa Clara University (2008)


- Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Visual Basic
- Tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse, VxWorks / Workbench, Matlab, PostgreSQL, Collaborator, GitLab
- Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu


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